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Most people would say that when they get up in front of people, they get nervous. Public speaking is uncomfortable for most people. That is understandable.

I want to take this a little farther than how we normally talk about this. Of course most of us get nervous in situations like this.

But what about talking in a small group of people? What about talking to just two people? What about talking to one person?

Do you notice yourself tensing up and getting stressed in these smaller situations as well?

Some people are natural introverts and do not enjoy speaking in front of hardly anybody. Other people are not natural introverts, but they have become more of an introvert because of traumatic experiences.

However, I don't want to limit the feeling of safety to introverts. That is just one possibility. People who are extroverts can struggle with feeling safe while speaking to others as well.

After you have listened and/or read this podcast episode, pay attention to how your body feels as you interact with other people in your life.

Paying attention to this is the one of first steps to resolving issues with stress, trauma, and safety in your life - learning to pay attention to how your body responds to people in certain situations.

Is there a certain person or a couple of people in your life that cause your body to tense up when you are around them?

Or, is there a person that you are okay to be around, but when you start talking with them, your body tenses up.

Our body is giving us safety indicators all the time. Many people have not learned how to pay attention to this. Or, they stopped paying attention to it because of the circumstances they had to live through in the past.