It is finally spring, my friends! Welcome to Nate 90

I'm not a huge crowd person, nor am I a big platform guy. Yes, at least once a week I am on a platform speaking to a group of people. But, the groups I speak to are small groups. And, the teams of people I work with are small.

Today, I want to give a little more information on why I do this Nate 90 podcast.

One of my favorite things to do is have living room or kitchen table types of conversations. The setting is a small group of people, usually less than ten, and the conversation is more personal.

In my opinion, some of the best relationship experiences happen in settings like these. There is a place for large groups. I am not saying there is no value in them. I just think that most quality influence happens in small settings.

So what does this have to do with this podcast?

I consider this podcast part of my living room and kitchen table type of conversations. It is more casual and more personal. It is not very polemical (or trying to convince you to make a decision about something). It is a podcast where we experience life together and we talk about it...reflect on it.

Although I am follower of Jesus Christ, not every conversation I have does this come out. I have dozens of conversations with people throughout my weeks when this does not explicitly come out in the conversation. However, it is the lens that I look at life through, and there are times when it does specifically come up on conversation.

So it is with this podcast.

You will occasionally hear me specifically reference my Christian perspective, and everything I talk about on this podcast goes through the lens of my Christian viewpoint.

This podcast is an extension of my personal conversations with people in small group or one-on-one settings.

We talk about life. We listen to each other's stories. We reflect. We encourage one other to think about perspectives and points of view. We look at life principles and matters of wisdom. We look at how things break, and how to fix things. We look at trends and trend breakers. We consider feelings and facts.

I recognize that the podcast medium is a one-way conversation. But the tone of this one-way conversation would fit into these small group and one-on-one types of conversations. And, there have been several times since I started this podcast when one of my episodes turns into a conversation piece at the coffee shop or over a meal with someone.

So, these episodes are for you my friend. You likely know me personally in one way or another. And, as we talk, I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.