Welcome to Nate 90!

As soon as I began driving, I began to try to figure about how much over the speed limit I could go without attracting the attention of law enforcement. I lived right off of Interstate 75 in Kentucky then, and that meant I drove on it all the time as a young driver (Kind-of scary now that I think of it). The speed limit at that time in Kentucky was 65 MPH. Boo! That was too slow for me. I would regularly go at least 70 MPH, put I would often push it to 75 MPH. (And we won't talk about how much faster than that I drove sometimes.)

This lasted until well after my college years into my late 20s. As I inched into my 30s, I began to more often just drive the speed limit. Now that I am almost 40, something new has occurred to me - why not try less than the speed limit? Last year, as I would get up to road speed, a thought would occur to me most times as I was driving: Why not drive one or two MPH LESS than the speed limit?

Something in me has always pushed for more and faster. Now I am aging, and the wisdom of less and slower is starting to resonate with me. Aging isn't the only reason this is the case. There has also been some healing in my life that has created space for this wisdom.

In my mid-to-late 20s, I came across an article called, "Slow Down! Less is More!" During that time, I was right in the middle of the more-faster urgency in my life. This article spoke to me deeply. It at least got me thinking, although I mostly did not implement it. I kept it as an email in my inbox for years in effort to absorb its meaning.

In my early 30s, I began to have a physical breakdown. I'm pretty sure this sickness was mostly from overdoing it and not properly taking care of myself. I went through four to five months of a mysterious sickness and a debilitating, chronic lack of sleep.

Since then, I have slowly learned about the brokenness in me that was driving me to the more-faster urgency in my life. And now, I'm starting to be able to try less.

Do you need to try less? For many of us, trying less takes a while to learn. Do you at least need to get started learning what this means?