Welcome to Nate 90. Today I am going to talk about what I am trying to do to give this podcast some life again. Not counting this one, I have done seven episodes so far. But then I got busy, and I stopped getting around to doing them. Now it has been four and a half months since I have done one.

I got to thinking. Should I kill this podcast? It was my first time to officially get a podcast listed in the Apple Podcasts directory. There are millions of other shows people could listen to. Maybe I should call it a good learning experience and move on.

Although I might eventually do that, I wanted to give it another try. I have simplified a few things and made it easier to publish an episode. This podcast was never about competing with the universe of podcasts out there, and it was on my mind for about a year before I finally brought it out. So, it wasn't just a fleeting thought.

I've always had an interest in using my technology skills to touch people's lives. In fact, I have had two other regular broadcasts that I did for a short time before this one. My desire with the Nate 90 was to give an easy way for people in my life who might be interested in what I have to say to get a quick thought-provoking concept to enrich them in their day. I will never draw the attention of thousands of people, but I can touch the lives of a few hundred. It is these few hundred that I focus the Nate 90 on.

So, I plan to spend the next couple of months attempting weekly episodes. If I stay regular with that, then I plan to elicit the opinions of those who know me fairly well. If they suggest I shut this down, then I will do just that, and I will walk away with a great learning experience.