What do you see?

That awkward moment like what I experienced over a decade ago...


Note: The original episode notes have been removed since I am no longer offering more information in them. See episode 8, my podcast reboot, for more information.

Original Transcription

Welcome to Nate 90! My name is Nate Bate and I will be your 90 second host.

It has been over a month since I last aired, and that was not my intention. I look forward to much for frequent episodes to come!

That awkward moment like what I experienced over a decade ago - Your boss walks into your office, and his zipper is down. Do you tell him?

In this case, I thought I should tell him!

What about when you are having lunch with a friend, and they have a huge piece of food stuck in their teeth. Not only is it embarrassing, but it is gross! Do you tell them?

This is the way life is. Other people around us can see things about us that we cannot see ourselves. And, when they tell us, we do not believe them, or… we take offense.

What about how we see other people. We can see things that they can’t see about themselves. Do we talk to them about it?

What about the things we cannot see in other people. And, we think what we see is enough for us to make our conclusion about them?

Today I challenge to you to think about what you see, and then to think about what you don’t see. You don’t see everything about yourself, and no other human being sees everything about you. You also don’t see everything about other people.