Note: The original episode notes have been removed since I am no longer offering more information in them. See episode 8, my podcast reboot, for more information.

Original Transcription

Welcome back to Nate 90! My name is Nate Bate and I will be your 90 second host!

You may not think you are involved with this, but you are.

I am talking about influence.


Influence just happens. It a part of our humanity. However, influence done right requires more preparation.

You are influencing others, and others are influencing you.

What you say, the attitude you do things with, the body language you use, and the values you live out influence people younger than you, people your age, and even people older than you.

You may not consider yourself that important, but if you are breathing, you are influencing. Stop a moment and consider how you are influencing others.

You are also influenced by others. Nobody is beyond this. Even if you are now a hermit, there has been a point in your life where you were marked by the influence of others.

Before I went to college, I never used the word, “sweet” when I as expressing my approval of something. Some of the guys I spent time with used that word all the time! And now, so do I!

Consider who is influencing you. As much as you are able, seek to make good choices of who influences you.

Check out the episode notes for a lesson I gave recently on influence.