Note: The original episode notes have been removed since I am no longer offering more information in them. See episode 8, my podcast reboot, for more information.

Original Transcription

Welcome back to Nate 90! My name is Nate Bate and I will be your 90 second host!

We have all said it! We have all felt it!

Someone else has caused our problem! Let me give you a personal “Dad” example.

About two or three years ago, it seemed that every few weeks I would lose my keys. Each time I would lose my keys, I would have five reasons at the top of my list. (I have five children).

So my first thought, each time I lost my keys, was that one of my five children have moved them to bless me!

I would make a loud statement about the kids moving my keys… And almost every time I finally found my keys, it was… MY FAULT…

After several months of this, it got to the point were as soon as this happened, I began to stop assuming it was someone else’s fault…at least when it came to my keys.

We usually are absolutely convinced about other people’s mistakes against us.

It scares me how this happens. How I can be so convinced, yet so wrong?

Before I go, when did the first blame game happen? See the episode notes for the answer.

See you next time!