Guilt, Condemnation, and Freedom

Today, I want to talk about a topic we all struggle with: feelings of guilt and condemnation


Note: The original episode notes have been removed since I am no longer offering more information in them. See episode 8, my podcast reboot, for more information.

Original Transcription

Welcome back to Nate 90! Today, I want to talk about a topic we all struggle with: feelings of guilt and condemnation.

We hate the feeling of others judging us. If you want to rile up a normally calm person, you can often achieve it by making them feel like you are condemning them.

Some people struggle with these feelings almost all the time regardless of whether other people are condemning them. The reasons for this vary, including family of origin issues, co-workers, a bad experience, etc.

Still yet other people, struggle with feelings of guilt. They don’t feel good enough, and nothing they do can help them with these feelings. They have tried, and nothing works.

One reason for feelings of guilt can come from past mistakes. Some mistakes are pretty big, and others are minor (although they feel big to us).

These feelings of condemnation and guilt are equipped with a megaphone inside of us. When they speak to us, they sound much louder than they really are. And, they reverberate through us rattling our thoughts, emotions, and decision-making ability.

Crucial Question: How can we handle this?

I am going to recommend a book to you that I recently read that might be a great help to you.

It is called, “No Condemnation” by Bruce Narramore. (See the episode notes for a link to my book review).

Bruce steps us through how to handle guilt and condemnation and puts us on the path to freedom.