Note: The original episode notes have been removed since I am no longer offering more information in them. See episode 8, my podcast reboot, for more information.

Original Transcription

Welcome to the Nate 90 Pilot Episode. My Name is Nate Bate, and I will usually be the only voice you hear on this podcast. But don’t worry, it won’t be a long monolog.

In fact, that is my whole reason for doing this podcast.

Most of us are used to flipping through social media. And before, social media, most of us were watching TV with 30 second commercial spots.

This means we are used to looking at things, making our decision about it and moving on. And, we have developed short attention spans.

I’m not criticizing this, it just is where most of us are.

This podcast is built on the concept that each episode will be around 90 seconds.

These 90 seconds will not include everything I want to share with you, but it will be a starting point.

Most episodes will have a link in the episode notes to more information about the topics I covered.

We will be talking about all kinds of things, and I don’t expect to interest everybody on every episode.

That is the beauty of these 90 second quick-takes. If it grabs you, you can click for more information in the notes.

Before I go: What gets wet while it dries? (Check out the episode notes)